40 quotes about home that show that home is more than physical space | messages, wishes and quotes

Having a home is having a space to feel free, full of peace and tranquility. This place can be your home or any corner where the people you love are. So, we selected the best quotes about home that will remind you how lucky you are to have a roof over your head. Check it out!

Quotes about home that will remind you how blessed you are to have one

My home is any place where I have your hug!

Home is not always where. Sometimes it’s who.

Together we built our home and this is the place I like to be most!

Our home should be a piece of heaven on Earth!

You made our house my home. My safe place to be myself!

It’s the people who share the house with me that make it a happy home!

I chose a house to be my home and my heart made it a home!

The happiest man, be he king or peasant, is the one who finds peace in his home.

No success in life makes up for failure at home.

Home: a place where there is harmony, where you are welcome and surrounded by people who love you!

With the sweat of my work, I maintain my home. With my love and dedication, I maintain my home.

Regardless of the distance of my flight, I know I will always have a home to land!

What turns a house into a home is the love that inhabits it!

Home sweet home!

It’s not what you have that makes your house a home, but what you feel when you’re in it!

Having a place to go is home. Having someone to love is family. Having both is a blessing!

Wherever my dog ​​is, there will be my home!

It’s normal to miss home. After all, that’s where your heart calls home!

A blessed home is one in which love overcomes all adversities.

In my heart I made a home. My heart is your home. And what good is all the furniture if you’re not with me?

It is my family that transforms my house into the happiest and most blessed home in the world!

My home is where I feel happy. This regardless of luxury, city or country.

I carry peace with me everywhere, because my mind is my home!

Love when reciprocated becomes home!

Home is a place of welcome, love and respect. Anyone who is against this should stay out of the house!

Feeling at home means being able to be myself without judgement!

I made the road my home and I find happiness anywhere!

Home is where the heart takes root.

I ask for protection for my home and for everyone who shares it with me.

In my home there are rules, but the main one is that respect must prevail.

There’s no place like home!

If they don’t accept you as you are, it’s because it’s not your home!

Home is the space of refuge we go to when storms intensify.

Love is in the home!

Home is the place where you pick yourself up when the world knocks you down.

What starts a home is love and if it ends, so does tranquility.

Home is where our heart finds its point of peace and tranquility.

Whoever finds a place to call home finds everything they need to be happy!

Ah, if beauty lives in the eyes, in mine you arrived and decided to stay to make your home.

In my home I find warmth, peace and the most incredible energy of all!

We need to train our eyes to recognize that our joys are not always found in riches! Also see our quotes of gratitude for life and practice gratitude so that small joys don’t go unnoticed!

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