40 messages from Medicine to express your love for the profession

Some say medicine is a gift, but it is actually a lot of study. Behind each professional there are years of study, tests, residence and specializations. You need to dedicate your own life to be able to take care of other lives. Therefore, we have selected 40 medical citations that summarize a little what this grand profession is. Check it out!

Beautiful Medical Quotes

This profession must be honored with beautiful quotes that express their grandeur. So check out the most beautiful citations of medicine.

Medicine needs to be exercised with the mind and with the heart.

The best doctor is the one who receives those who were displeased by all others.

To the person responsible for my heart to keep hitting longer, my gratitude!

The best doctor in the world is one with kind soul and a captivating smile!

Medicine is to dedicate life to the lives of others, practicing love of neighbor in its essence.

The best doctor is the one that most hopes.

Medicine is the art of sharing life.

More than a profession, medicine is faith in life, love in the heart.

The doctor sees in the word a therapeutic resource, the writer starts from her for artistic creation. There are times, however, when literature and medicine override. Writers write about disease. Doctors seek to give a literary form to their work.

Medicine is the remedy for all human pain, only love is an evil that has no cure.

Medical Student Quotes

The way to become a doctor is long and difficult. Therefore, some motivational quotes can be inspiring right now. Check it out below and have a dose of mood to persist on this path.

One day my hands will be responsible for major surgeries.

The doctor who only knows about medicine or medicine knows.

First, they doubt their dreams. Then they ask how you got it all.

Life is made of choices and I chose to be a doctor!

The big house freaks out when the Senzala becomes a doctor.

Love that is not mediated: Medicine.

has a lot of acetaminophen out there, finding morphine.

With regard to commitment, commitment, effort, dedication, there is no middle ground. Either you do something well done or do not do.

Do what few do and achieve what many want.

Study until “scalpel, please.”

Medical graduation citations

You finally arrived where you wanted, it’s time to celebrate! And if you have a special person who is forming in medicine, be sure to congratulate her right now. Check out some quotes below to mark the graduation moment.

There is a big difference between being a doctor and being graduated in medicine.

Medicine needs first and foremost to value human dignity.

Not every princess wears crown, some wear lab coat.

All the effort was worth it. Congratulations on the graduation!

From today I have a private doctor, congratulations son!

I don’t do medicine anymore. Now I just succeed!

Medical Report: Formed!

Mom’s pride! Can I already ask for certificate?

big people are those who fight for ideals, and today in this graduation you prove to be part of these people. Congratulations and much success!

Be cool with me, I can have your surgery someday.

Medical Quotes in English

and lastly, some quotes in the English language. They are ideas for any time, be you a student or professional. Keep inspiring!

Working Hard to Be a Doctor. (Working hard to be a doctor.)

She Believe, She Could, So She Did. (She believed, she could, so she did.)

Wherever the Art of Medicine is Loved, There is also a love of humanity. (Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there will also be love for humanity.)

It’s a Beautiful Day to Save Lives. (It’s a beautiful day to save lives.)

Medicine Is Only for Those Who Canot Imagine Doing Anything Else. (Medicine is only for those who can’t imagine doing something else.)

Be Like the Stem Cell. Differentiate Yourself from Others. (Be like the stem cell. Differentiate from others.)

I was Born to Save Lives. (I was born to save lives.)

Chose Medicine Because I Can Think of No Professional Avenue More Challenging, Rewarding, Evolving and Noble. (I chose medicine because I can’t think of any other more challenging, rewarding, evolutionary and noble profession. >

my hands are made for holding scalpels and eyes for wearing surgical telescopes. (My hands were made for safe scalpels and my eyes to use surgical telescopes.)

Medicine is a science of uncerthy and an art of probability. (Medicine is the science of uncertainty and the art of probability.)

Even if you are already a successful doctor, you need to continue a student and always be up to date. Therefore, also check out our selection of study incentive quotes and get inspired.

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