40 messages from grandmother to grandson dear and loved like a prince

The arrival of a grandson makes the heart of the grandmother double in size! This little being that is indirectly also yours, came into the world to be extremely loved and is! In this sense, if you want to show you how much you are, we have the perfect formula. Check it out and send a beautiful grandmother quotes to Neto!

Grandma’s quotes to Neto who brought more light to the world

My grandson is my great love! This boy brought light to my days!

Being a mother is wonderful, but being your grandmother … Ah, it’s indescribable!

My son gave me the best gift I could give me, my beautiful and beloved grandson.

I love my grandson with all my strength, I do not accept that nothing bad happens to him.

God blessed my life when I gave me my grandson, He is the presence of the Lord among us!

I’m more friendly with my grandson than my club friends, I love this boy immensely!

My grandson, you have no idea how much Grandma’s life has changed! Today I am happier!

grandmother’s love is the purest, sincere and true that exists. Thanks to my grandson, today I know that.

your grandmother owl and, if my grandson complains, I get worse!

He assumes he’s the grandma’s grandchild and I love him so much!

The best age is only named after us because we won our grandchildren. I love you, my dear!

My grandson has not been born yet, but I am already prepared to receive you with all the affection that lives in me!

To be a grandmother is to be a mother twice and, knowing that I am the mother of a special grandson like you, makes me immensely happy!

My grandson will already come to the world being the star of our family!

My grandson, I believe I lived so long before you arrive just to carry all this love that today is yours.

Being your grandmother is something I thank in all my prayers.

How beautiful to watch my beloved grandson follow my steps in church and vocation. May the Lord bless you immensely!

my grandson, your faith is so beautiful, I feel the light of God illuminating my house whenever you come to visit me.

I was a grandmother of another grandson and found that my heart was much bigger than me!

God made the grandchildren to give the grandparents the joy for which they have expected so much.

Having a chance to accompany my grandchildren close makes me feel the luckiest grandmother in the world!

If I tell my grandson how much I love him, he will hide from the grandma owl here!

we learn all our lives, it’s true. Now, with the arrival of our grandchildren, we learn even more a completely new kind of love.

Listen to my grandchildren call me Grandma Sara to back pain!

See the beautiful boy that my grandson is becoming makes my heart overflow!

My grandson spread color and life all over our family and it was not even born. This is a special child!

The best part of my heart I kept for my grandson.

Tracking any growth is wonderful, but the process of maturing my grandson has been the most beautiful thing in the world!

You, my grandson, is the best blessing in our lives!

My life became fuller after you were born. I love you, my grandson!

My grandson is a true prince! Lucky for me I’m the Queen.

Dear grandson, you may never understand my zeal with you, nor the intensity of my love, but even without understanding, feel! You are always in my prayers.

my grandson, the love I feel for you is inexplicable, because it is a greater love than anything I have ever felt.

grandmother’s heart doubles size whenever a grandson arrives, mine is no longer in me.

It’s nostalgic, I know … But every time I look at you, I remember that beautiful baby to look. Grandma loves you!

I learned the meaning of love when I became a mother, and I resignified him to know that I would make me a grandmother.

My grandson is the most beloved child this old lady has known here.

Maybe I wasn’t a great mother for your father, but I promise to be the best grandmother you will have, my angel!

By my grandson, I would be able to face the whole world!

Every time I held you in my arms, my grandson, it was like having the world in my hands.

What a wonderful feeling to be a double mother, every grandma has a heart the size of the world! So, especially for lady, we select good morning quotes with flowers, that we know every grandmother loves!

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