40 messages from a proud mother that praise the qualities of her children

Being a mother is not a simple task, because it requires effort and dedication almost 24 hours a day. Like you, she also identifies herself as a true warrior and feels a huge appreciation for your children. To recognize it on this beautiful role, see the proud mother quotes we selected and share your vision about this significant character in our lives.

proud mother citations that express pride and admiration

Son, my love for you is unconditional. I am very proud of the amazing human being that you have become!

When I was pregnant, I was no longer so alone. You were with me, but when you were born, I was sure you were the only company I needed.

To be a mother is to love unconditionally, even when everyone condemns you.

daughter, your achievements fill me with pride and happiness! That you get more than you want for your life.

My son, turning nights awake to take care of you has always been a matter of honor for me.

When you were born, I renewed my hopes in humanity and so you became my greatest pride!

When I see who you became, I know that all my effort was worth it. I love you, my son!

In the face of everything I taught them, I ask you to always be proud, my children!

Being a mother is a task that is not easy, but in the end, always pays off.

My great pride was to have created you without missing you. Being single mother is for a few!

My daughter, the pride I feel of you can never be translated into words. I love you!

May you grow and create roots, but keep proud of me over the years.

I am a very proud mother, because every day you give me the best reasons to smile.

My pride is so much that I would give up my dreams for yours, my son.

My children, I would like you to know that, no matter what happens, I will always be proud of you.

Creating a daughter alone is a task of which I am constantly proud. I love you, my little one!

Thank you for being my best friend and the reason for my pride! A daughter like you will always have a special place in my heart.

I am so proud of your life and your choices so far, my daughter! That’s because I know the way for both of us was not easy.

Having you as a son is a blessing that only I could prove, my love!

When I knew it would be a mother, I automatically found out that you would also be the great pride of my life.

The pride I feel of you is greater than any adversity we can be going through.

My daughter, every difficulty we spend makes me feel more proud of the beautiful family that we form together.

Regardless of what happens, I know that I will always be proud of you, my son!

There were many difficulties, but today I am proud of everything I went through to create my children honestly. And for them, I would do it all over again!

My greatest joy is to see you grow by conquering everything you want. Because if there is someone who deserves good things, this person is you!

Son, as much as my desire will be to protect you forever, I hope that Alce amazing flights that will make me proud.

Life is not easy, but with a wonderful daughter like you, things get simpler.

My son is the missing light on my way to illuminate the direction of my life. With you I am happier and fulfilled!

To those who judged me for becoming a mother very early: see how well I went out! I am proud of my trajectory.

Thank you, my son, for being dedicated as it is. It is through your dedication that your dreams will come true. I know I’ll still be very proud of you!

daughter, I am proud of who you are, because you are more than I dreamed for me one day.

Today, I thank God for the opportunity to be a mother who prides her children. May I always be inspiration!

daughter, you were born and turned me into someone much better, a proud mother and a woman fulfilled!

It is for the realization of your dreams that efforts and I fight every day, my son!

Your happiness is my realization. How much pride I feel about you and your choices, my daughter!

With you, I feel my world much more complete. I love you!

Honey, seeing you growing up in courage and heart is my greatest pride. May your world be complete!

May the Lord take care of you to pride your family as much as it already prides me, my son!

I never thought I could be able to be so proud of a person, as I am proud of you, my son!

Thank you for being much more than the child I always wanted. I love you unconditionally!

that our children and daughters are always the greatest reasons for our pride. To further reveal the immensity of your feelings for them, see also our quotes for children’s day!

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