40 messages about politics to reflect on its role in your life

Politics is present in our lives every day. Our decisions involve it, our beliefs guide us to how we will live politically. It is wrong to think that we should think about the subject only during the elections. We must always be attentive, studying, deepening and charging the politicians we choose so that we can have a better world to live.

Thinking about it, we select citations about politics that will make you reflect on what it is and how it should be treated in your daily life. These are philosophers who raised important questions about a democratic society, striking, funny quotes and to share on social networks. Check it out:

Quotes on Philosopher Policy

Philosophers live their lives to reflect and think of solutions and teachings that can make society a better place. Check out the view of these scholars about collective life with quotes on philosophers policy and broaden their view on the subject.

The main object of politics is to create the friendship between members of the city.

There is nothing wrong with those who do not like politics, will simply be governed by those who like.

The punishment of the good who do not do politics is to be governed by the wicked.

A politician divides humans into two classes: instruments and enemies.

Politics should not be the art of dominating, but the art of doing justice.

In politics, hatred communion is almost always the basis of friendships.

man, by nature, is a political animal.

A government is good when it makes those who live and attract those who live far away.


It is a general consensus that politics and corruption go together. Especially with the situations we have lived in our country. So, see quotes on dirty policy and have arguments for when someone comes to defend some controversial situation in this environment.

Politics is not corrupt, politicians are.

Brazilian politics is unfortunate. There is no honest politician and those who are like this rarely come to power and if they get two exits remain to them: succumb to corruption or being destroyed by the dishonest.

Politics is the science of corruption.

In politics, common hatred are the basis of alliances.

Politics, when it generates corruption in the social cell, is a true cancer that destroys the whole society and its moral values.

In politics, what is not possible is false.

In a representative democracy, politicians must represent the people and not exclude it!

Corruption is the greatest political invention. So grand that, if it is over, the politicians are over.

Funny policy quotes

We Brazilians know how to laugh at the bastards that happen to us like no one else. And that would be no different with the situation that lives our democracy. So, see quotes about funny politics and laugh with the way things go.

Missing is human. Blaming someone else is political.

The principle of democracy is to give and receive; Give one and receive ten.

Getting together, everyone is still fighting for politics until Christmas. Then we get rid of making secret friend.

I would even make a joke about politicians, but they stole the grace.

Movement is not left or right. The movement is sexy.

If where there is smoke there is fire, then the National Congress has become hell itself.

I don’t like political time. I prefer summer time.

Some want right, others want left, but I just want you.


You have to stop and reflect on how politics affect our lives. Sometimes we need impactful terms to put our heads to work. So, check out quotes on impact policy and be touched by the strength of these words.

In politics, experiences mean revolution.

to be apolitical is also a political position.

When you steal public money, don’t forget that in your account you have the honor of a man embarrassed for having to see his family starving.

Democracy is to give everyone the same starting point. As for the point of arrival, it depends on each one.

What is the best of governments? The one who teaches us to govern ourselves to ourselves.

If we started to say clearly that democracy is a joke, a mistake, a facade, a fallacy and a lie, we could understand each other better.

In politics, it is always necessary to leave a bone for opposition to gnaw.

The worst government is the most moral. A government composed of cynics is often more tolerant and human. But when fanatics take power, there is no limit to oppression.

Policy quotes for Facebook

Our social networks are made to post what we think and what we want our friends to see. Share policy quotes for Facebook and show everyone that you are interested in this important theme.

There is no holy politician. Do not idolize them!

Governments have never learned anything from history, or acted according to the principles deducted from it.

The least bad of governments is the one who is less, who feels less and who pays less expensive.

It is important for women and black people to occupy more and more positions of political leadership.

Politics is not just the art of swallowing frogs. I already defined policy as the art of asking for votes from the poor, asking for financial resources to the rich and lying to both later.

There is a clear difference between statesman and politician. The first is someone who belongs to the nation; the second, someone who thinks that the nation belongs to him.

To relate to someone, it is important to be politically aligned as well.

I don’t want to know about politicians, I want to survive.

Studying, growing and developing is a daily exercise. So how about continuing on this path? Check out philosopher quotes and see a new way of thinking and enjoying life!

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