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Who doesn’t like receiving that super hug? This action causes such a good feeling that it moves us and can transform a bad day into a wonderful one. With this in mind, we have selected the best hug quotes for you to feel hugged by the words and share with friends. Check it out!

Straight to the point:

Best hug quotes to brighten your day

Words can be very powerful. Feeling embraced by them can be as good as the physical act. Enjoy these best hug quotes that we have selected for you.

I like this definition: a hug is the meeting of two hearts.

And that was why she liked those hugs. The tight ones. Because it was there. It was there that she found everything that was most beautiful.

One day someone will hug you so tight that they’ll put all the pieces together again.

A tight hug, a long kiss and a “forever” by your side.

The best feeling in the world is when I hug you and you hug me tighter.

A common daisy, a kiss or a simple hug to remind you of me.

Where, after all, is the best place in the world? My guess: within a hug.

A hug is the only squeeze we should go through in life.

Hugs were meant to express what words leave to be desired.

More hugs, please.

Friend hug quotes

The best feeling is when you realize you can count on a friendly hug. No matter what happens, you know that your friend’s hug will be there to comfort you. With that in mind, we have selected the best friend hug quotes. Check it out!

When the tight hug fits, it’s as if the world stops there.

A hug from a friend can change your whole day.

Nothing makes me happier than the comfort of your hug.

There’s a hug that makes us feel at home!

A hug is the perfect way to have the one we love close to our heart.

Sometimes, what we need is just a hug, which says in gestures: I have your back.

Everything we suffer dissolves in a hug.

A sincere and tight hug is the best way to comfort a friend.

Your hug is the best in the world, I love every second of it.

A good friend comforts you with words and hugs you with his heart.

God’s Hug quotes

Having faith in God means being sure that everything will be fine. It’s about feeling embraced by the Creator, that’s why we’ve selected the best hug quotes from God for you to elevate your faith.

Nothing fulfills me more than the security of your embrace, Lord!

I always want that hug from you that protects me, that warms me and that frees me from all loneliness. Don’t leave me, but don’t ever leave me.

Your hug is my shelter.

God’s embrace is the best medicine for any sadness.

For the cold and for love or even to ease any pain, there is nothing better than a hug!

Prayer is embracing God with your heart.

It is within God’s embrace that life is worth living, because there everything that is bad has no power.

God’s embrace is my refuge.

In God’s embrace I make my home.

In difficult times, God’s embrace brings calm to my heart.

Passionate hug quotes

To be in the embrace of the person we love is to feel protected, to feel safe. Receiving the hug of our love is one of the best reasons to smile and believe that everything will be fine. Check out these passionate hug quotes.

That tight hug of yours sounds like I love you.

It was your hug that took the fun out of everyone else.

For me, I would spend eternity alone in your embrace.

Your hug was the best decision of my life!

Hug me, in hugs more than in words, people like each other.

Your arms don’t speak, but they show the most beautiful feelings of all.

Only those who cannot hug those they love know the value of a hug.

You, who have this hug home.

I hug you and feel things that I can’t say, I only feel with you.

I could spend the whole day in your embrace.

Did you feel embraced by these quotes? Then share the ones you liked most with all your friends and family. Enjoy the best hug quotes and enjoy your day!

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