40 good night quotes for your boyfriend that will give you passionate dreams | messages, wishes and quotes

When we’re in love, we can’t get our love out of our heads, not even before we go to sleep. Just lay your head on the pillow and the smile of your loved one comes to mind. Take advantage of these moments to wish a peaceful night full of love with the good night quotes for your boyfriend that we have selected. Check it out and declare your love!

Good night quotes for your boyfriend that will make him think of you before he goes to sleep

The brightness of the starry night cannot be compared to the brightness of your eyes, my love. Good night!

This message is proof that the last image that comes to my mind at the end of the day is you. Good night, love!

I found the most wonderful man in the world and I am pleased to call him my boyfriend. Good night, my dear!

You have no idea how much I love you and how much I wish I could sleep hugging you. I love you, the reason for my joy!

After I found you, even my nights sleep are more peaceful. Good night, I love you!

My love, I promise I will try to sleep well without you here by my side, but I can’t guarantee it. Good night!

Whenever I lie down and you invade my thoughts, I am sure I will have a perfect sleep. Good night, love!

The best part of sleeping is waking up and knowing that I’m not living a dream and that you are my new reality. Good night!

You are the one who lights up my dreams and makes me lose my fear of the dark and the new. Good night, my love!

Before going to bed, think about our love and let yourself be carried away by sweet dreams! Good night, my love!

That when you close your eyes, the stars can guide your dreams to me, my love. Good night!

My love, I can’t sleep without first sending you a message saying how much I love you. Good night, my prince!

I will love you from dusk to dawn. I will love you without limits. Good night and sweet dreams!

In 2 minutes go outside and take a deep breath. I blew your way a million kisses and hundreds of hugs. They must be arriving… Good night!

If I sleep with a smile on my lips, it’s all your fault! Good night, my love!

I’m so lucky to have you as my boyfriend! Have a great night, love!

My love, may your night be as beautiful as you and sleep as deep as the love I feel. Good night!

I wish I could say that I love you right next to your ears. But since it’s not possible, I’ll send you my passionate good night via message!

You are the light, color and happiness of my days. We will always be each other’s. Good night, my love!

I’m living the best phase of my life because I found you. Good night, my love!

Since you arrived, my smile has grown, my happiness has transformed and love has made its home in my heart. Good night, my dear!

Everyone has a love story, but ours is the best and my favorite. Good night, my beautiful boyfriend!

Saying good night is not simply a way to end the day, but rather a loving way of saying that I thought of you before going to sleep. Sleep well, my love!

Tonight, I want to close my eyes and dream, because I know that I will always find you in my dreams. Good night, boyfriend!

I spent the day thinking about you, your smile, your hug. I love you lots. Good night, my dear!

I would like to sleep and wake up next to you, seeing your smile, receiving your passionate kisses. Good night my dear. Dream with me!

Who would have thought that we would be experiencing so much together, achieving our dreams, achieving our goals. Love you my love. Sleep well!

Your smile is more beautiful than the sun and stars. Its perfume is more fragrant than all flowers. Good night!

Sometimes in the silence of the night… Ah, I don’t need the silence to think about you! I love you! Good night!

Knowing that you are my great love and that you also love me is all I need. Good night, my prince!

When I think of you I feel the urge to run and find you and satisfy that longing. Good night, my love!

I’ll be there when you dream, making sure no one can hurt you! Close your eyes and sleep peacefully. Good night, my love!

I want to be by your side until we are old men with gray hair and tired backs. Good night, I love you from now on until eternity!

That during the night, our love grows even more and that in the morning we can experience the fruits of our passion. Good night!

I know it’s late, but I wouldn’t be able to sleep without sending you a big kiss goodnight. I love you!

Boyfriend, you are extremely important in my life! I wish that you make all your dreams come true and that sadness never invades your heart. Have a great night!

Perfect is having you as the love of my life. Good night, dream of me because I’ll be dreaming of you!

I will love you until the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. Good night, love of my life.

I wanted to lie down curled up in your embrace and sleep peacefully and peacefully. Goodnight my love. I miss you!

Good night, my love! It’s wonderful to share my life with you.

The heart becomes warmer when we are in love and the love is reciprocated. Record the moments you spend with your partner and post them with statements full of feelings. See our suggestions for quotes for a photo with your boyfriend and choose the one that suits you best!

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