40 good night messages for your son that provide a peaceful sleep

Our boys are so special to us that we want to say how much we love them every time of the day. Before bed, this is a great time to declare how well you want it. So we selected the best and most beautiful good night quotes for child. Check it out and wish your angel!

Good night quotes to son who bring love to their angel

Good night, son! Sleep well and remember that at dawn, life improves, happiness is restored and we have a second chance.

Son, when you lie your head on the pillow, remember that I love you with all my heart and always pray for you. Good night!

I ask God to fill you with good dreams and always guide your steps. Good night, son!

I love you, son! Always continue a golden boy, affectionate and intelligent that life will smile at you. Good night!

Good night, son. You are the most important part of my life and I always thank God for the gift He gave me.

Son, I’m very proud of the man you have become. You are responsible, dedicated and very intelligent. Good night!

Your smile will always be the light of my way, son. Good night, sleep well and wake up desire to achieve your dreams.

Good night, son. May your dreams be illuminated by the love that dwells in your heart.

The time has come to rest. Tomorrow, you get up tightly to fight for your dreams. Good night, son!

No matter where you are, I’ll be cheering for you, son. Good night, rest and know that I love you with all the heart!

Good night, my son. May your dreams be illuminated and blessed by angels. Send your thoughts away and sleep in peace.

concerns need to be out of our pillow. Good night, son!

Good night, son! I hope your night will be restorative and that tomorrow you earn your dreams.

Always pray for your life before bed, son. I know God will give you a night of peace and tranquility. Good night!

Good night, son! You have grown so much and always filled me with pride. I thank God for the blessing of having you in my life.

Good night, son! What a beautiful man you became. May God bless you and plant in your heart the desire to be better and better.

Good night, son. Nothing in the world compares to the love I feel for you. My life is divided before and after your birth.

Son, everything I can do to contribute to your happiness, I will do. You will always be my priority. Good night!

Good night, son! You have always been by my side and I will always be with you, offering you support and strength.

The day was pulled, my son. Go rest and restore your strength to the surprises that tomorrow reserves you. Good night!

You will always be my little angel and my greatest pride. Good night, son!

Close my eyes and rest, my son. You did your best today and deserve a night’s sleep. Good night!

Good night, my boy. When I look at you, my strength is restored immediately. I love you, son!

Good night, son. You grew up and no longer live with me, but I always think of you before bed and whisper how much I love you.

My heart is much more smiling because of you, my son. Good night!

Even when it is dark, your light illuminates my life, my son. Goodnight. Know that I love you and always carry you in my heart.

Even though it is far away, my love for you makes you very close to me, son. Goodnight. I miss you!

You have grown and already have your family. What a pride I feel about you and your trajectory. Good night, son!

Son, you are the translation of love that burns in my heart. Good night!

Son, I will never release your hand and be by your side at all times, in the good and most difficult. Good night!

Good night, my son! Sleep with angels and allow them to protect you from all evil and every nightmare.

Beautiful people have the quieter dreams. You are the most beautiful of all, son. Go to sleep like an angel. Good night!

Good night, son. May nothing take you peace from a quiet sleep and that you recover your strength to the challenges of the next day.

Today it may have been a difficult day, but tomorrow will be a day of victories. Rest and prepare. Good night, son!

Good night, son. You were chosen by God to bring peace, joy and light to my life. I love you.

Good night, my son. May the Lord fill your mind with light and quiet thoughts. Have a restorative sleep night.

I miss you a kiss before bed, son! Feel my affection coming through this message. Good night!

I am very fulfilled for having a dedicated, responsible, affectionate and loving son. Good night!

Good night, son! May the angels come around and show you how special and loved you are, refer you to God’s will that will always be your happiness.

Good night, son! Sleep well and allow the peace of the Lord to invade your heart and take all your concerns though.

Your boy goes to sleep with a heart full of joy. Surprise him at any time of the day with our declaration of love quotes for son and reveal how special he is to you!

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