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Things don’t always go the way we would like. There are loves that don’t last forever and we need to deal with the time to say goodbye. It’s not an easy time, but we need to be strong to do the right thing. With that in mind, we selected the best goodbye love quotes that help you start over after saying goodbye. Check it out!

Straight to the point:

Sad farewell love quotes

Saying goodbye is never easy, but there are some goodbyes that are sadder than others because they leave behind a hurt heart. See our quotes below and take the first step to move forward!

You broke my heart and I just wanted you to suffer as much as you made me suffer.

When you want to stay, but need to go, goodbye is the hardest thing we need to do. I feel like I still want you!

Tomorrow, when I can’t see you anymore, I know it will hurt much more than it already hurts now. Goodbye!

You were a beautiful verse that had the saddest ending of my entire life, the ending in which I was alone!

What hurts me most is having to say goodbye to the person I was when I was by your side.

I forcibly took you from my heart and it was as if I had taken a piece of me away!

When you left, I felt like a piece of my happiness had been stolen from me and I could never get it back. That hurt like hell!

The yesterday that pain left, What left joy. Just because it went, and it flew and today is another day.

I didn’t learn to say goodbye, I don’t know if I’ll get used to it. Looking into your eyes like that, I know that the mark of that look will remain on mine.

I thought we got so close, but now, I definitely see, that in the end I loved both of us.

Farewell quotes about impossible love

There are loves that were not born to work. When you need to say goodbye to that kind of feeling, get ready to start over and find the right person for you. See our sentences below and move on!

We weren’t made for each other, but I wish I did. Unfortunately, our destiny is goodbye.

When someone loves alone, they realize that love is impossible to happen and decide to withdraw.

I’m tired of suffering for this love that has no future. It’s my time to go in search of my happiness.

I can’t deal with the complicated anymore, I don’t have the energy for it anymore. Goodbye, my impossible love!

When we realize that it’s not meant to be, we give up trying and just walk away.

We try to fool each other to make it work, but we don’t match, it’s impossible to be together when the heart of the one we love is already so far away. Goodbye forever!

It took me a while to realize that we weren’t each other’s destiny and that only made me suffer more when you left.

The tears began to flow, washing my soul the moment I realized it was impossible to stay by your side. Goodbye!

You were the wrong person at the wrong time and yet I clung to you. It will be difficult to forget you, but impossible to stay by your side without hurting me!

I made plans for a future that wouldn’t happen. I miss what we could have lived!

Farewell quotes for distant love

Long-distance relationships require a lot of maturity to deal with constant goodbyes. See our quotes below and prepare yourself for when the time comes to say another goodbye to your love.

Every time I see you, saying goodbye hurts more because I just want you to stay by my side.

This last kiss is filled with longing because I already miss you.

When you leave, I start counting the days until I see you again. Farewell is always the most difficult moment.

There will come a day when I won’t have the strength to say goodbye to you. I love you!

I will miss you and I will wait for the day when distance will no longer be a problem for us.

Before you leave, promise me that you will come back and that we will satisfy the longing that is already beginning?

It feels like punishment to have to say goodbye to you every time we see each other. Life could be simpler with us.

Today, nostalgia will take its place and will remain there until you return.

Distance is unacceptable for those who love, it serves as an tormentor for every relationship that needs to live with it. I miss you already, my dear!

Whoever invented distance never suffered the pain of longing.

Farewell Love Quotes for Girlfriend

It’s very difficult to say goodbye to someone when you still have feelings, but if it’s time, you have to say goodbye. See our quotes below and say goodbye to your boyfriend.

Even though I know I’ll see you tomorrow, I didn’t want to say goodbye. I dream of the day when goodbyes will no longer be part of our lives.

You were my great love, but our story is over. Know that I will always carry you in my heart.

It was a pleasure dating you, but it will also be a pleasure to continue without you. Everything we experience will serve to be better.

I know we can be a “see you soon” because there is still a lot of feeling between the two of us.

You will always be my boyfriend, no matter where you are or where life takes you. I know we can continue together. See you later!

It’s not the end of us, it’s just a break in our beautiful love story.

Farewell becomes more difficult when I still haven’t gotten used to calling you something other than boyfriend.

We can still work out and this goodbye doesn’t have to be the end of us, my love, but a new beginning.

Our love is stronger than goodbyes and I know we can try even in different places, my love!

You left and I still wanted you, but I deserved someone who wanted to stay.

After saying goodbye, the way is to leave the past behind and look to the future. To reinforce your feelings about this, check out these goodbye quotes and move towards beautiful things that will happen to you!

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