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A dating proposal is a beautiful proof of commitment to the person we love. At this time, nerves are on edge, but after hearing a yes, the emotion and joy are indescribable. For this long-awaited moment, check out the best proposal quotes and surprise your love.

Straight to the point:

Creative dating proposal quotes

How about getting away from the traditional and using one of these creative dating quotes? I’m sure your love will love it!

I have so much to give you and in return I only ask that you say yes to this question: will you date me?

I’m really enjoying what we’ve been living together and I really want to keep it that way. What do you say we give our relationship a name?

Crazy enough to like me. Brave enough to go to the end. If I had designed you and commissioned you, I would have done it exactly like this. Will you date me?

No more imagining what my life would be like if I had you by my side. I want to make this a reality! Do you want to date me?

I bumped into your gaze, I stumbled into your kiss, I stuck it to your face, I burned my tongue. It was right on the tip of my chin, it hit me hard. Look at me in your life. Think, explain… How do we end up?

Your love is everything to me. I won’t lose you, I swear. I need your kisses so much. Girl, I want to date you.

Read this message and then look at me and answer the question: do you want to date me?

The way you love meIf I’m made for youYou’re made for meIt’s so good to be Tell me what we’re going to do now

I’ll tell you, but I think you already know. You fell in love, hallucinated, broke my heart, my heart! Will you date me?

Sweet is dreaming, thinking that you like me as I love you. Will you date me?

Long distance dating proposal quotes

Sometimes, the heart chooses to love someone who is far from us. Check out the best long-distance dating quotes.

Distance means nothing when someone means everything. That’s why I ask you, will you date me?

It turns out that I haven’t been able to live without you. Please, will you agree to date me?

Distance does to love what the wind does to a fire: it extinguishes the small, ignites the large. So I ask without fear, do you want to date me?

Distance prevents me from seeing you, but it doesn’t stop me from loving you. Make me the happiest person in the world by dating me?

Eyes closed to find you. I’m not by your side, but I can dream. Wherever I go, I take you in my eyes. And that’s why I ask. date me?

It doesn’t matter the distance that separates us if there is a sky that unites us. Will you be my long-distance girlfriend?

Nothing can replace true love. Not time, not distance, not anyone. Do you want to date me?

Our love is greater than the kilometers that separate us. Let’s give our hearts a chance. Will you date me?

I will love you from afar. Do you want to date me?

Distance can separate two bodies but never two hearts. Will you date me?

Funny dating proposal quotes

Does your love have a good sense of humor? How about confirming this commitment with one of the best funny dating proposal quotes?

I have a very simple plan. I ask you to date me and you say “yes”. How about that?

That couple who isn’t dating yet but has everything going for it: you and me. Will you date me?

“Wow, you only live at parties.” Will you date me so I can live in your house?

Deceive you? I’m away, I give you love and affection and we date. How about that?

Do you know Von? What Von? The gigantic desire I have to date you!

I don’t want to date, but if it’s with you I do. Do you want to date me?

You are a very beautiful person, but something is missing, like dating me.

Do you want to date me? I promise you will never run out of food.

I would even date someone like me, but I’d rather leave that honor to you. Will you date me?

Shall we make official what everyone already knows? Will you date me?

Simple dating proposal quotes

You can’t go wrong with the classics, so check out these simple dating proposal quotes.

How about if we started dating and started our story together?

It’s simple: I love you. Will you date me?

Being happy only depends on you and you just need to answer the following question affirmatively: do you want to date me?

I want a me, with you. I want you and me becoming us. I want everything you want to give me. But I only want it with you. Will you date me?

My heart, I love you more than anything. Let’s make this relationship official?

You are an angel that God sent to light up my life, I love you so much. Will you date me?

And you have to be the ultimate star, my friend and companion in the infinity of both of us.

My love, you are my north, my south, my peace, my destiny and everything to me! Do you want to be my girlfriend?

It appears in the stars, in the signs, in the shells. I read it in an ad, I saw it in the mirror, it’s there in the gospel, the orixás guarantee. You will be my love, you will be my peace!

Do you want to be my girlfriend? Share a new dream, of alliance and hand in hand.

Starting a commitment to someone special is great! To reflect on the direction of the romantic story you are writing, also see these true relationship quotes.

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