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Being a cowboy is a lifestyle that goes far beyond transporting cattle. It’s liking country and country music, enjoying the beauty of a simple, peaceful life, wearing characteristic clothes and suffering for love.

If you identify with this outlaw life, you’ll love our selection of cowboy quotes. Check it out and share your favorite!

Straight to the point:

Cowboy in love quotes

Every cowboy has suffered for love. A raw heart is all softened when it is lassoed by a cowgirl. Check out our list of quotes and show what it’s like to be a cowboy in love!

I’m not afraid of falling off my horse or being gored by a bull, just not having you to myself.

No matter how much of a rough cowboy you are, there will always be a good cowgirl with a bow.

You appeared and arrested this pawn, you captured what was weakest, his heart.

You are the pair of boots that wear my feet.

We are like boots and a hat, the perfect pair.

I’m not afraid of falling off my horse. Because if that happens, I know I will be cared for in your embrace.

The farmhand touches the herd, but it is the farmhand that touches his heart.

You managed to lasso this pawn’s heart with just one try.

The cowboy’s heart doesn’t beat, it rides, and in some cases it may even kick, but deep down, deep down, it’s nothing more than sweet.

After the blonde left me and the brunette left, all I had left was cachaça and viola.

Funny cowboy quotes

Are you the funny cowboy on the wheel? Then you will identify with the selection of jokes we made that have everything to do with this lifestyle. Check it out!

You may not practice lassoing, but you lassoed my heart.

I’m the type of cowboy who drinks little, but that little turns me into a cowboy who drinks a lot.

It’s not enough to be a cowboy, you have to work out in tight jeans, buckles and boots.

How about it being you and me with a little brute to call ours?

Heart more crushed than a pawn’s bag on rodeo day.

The party is very good, the party is lively. I narrate pawn parties at night and catch the “muié” at dawn.

I have never seen the mute speak, the deaf hear, the blind see. But I’ve seen short women make big men cry.

Pedestrians who are pedestrians only like brute animals that can take a beating, trucks that are designed to cut across the road and climb up ravines.

Today I received a letter that ended my torment. She said my house caught fire and my mother-in-law was inside.

Women are dogs, they fight without reason, they piss without touching them and they make fun of any pawn.

Cowboy quotes for Facebook

Your lifestyle has to be told to everyone, right? See our selection of cowboy quotes and post them on your social networks to update your status!

Genetics doesn’t fail, neither does destiny, I’m a pawn with my soul and heart.

Modão equals respect: it’s “nice” and “we” like it.

Kick off all the dust that stops you from riding the air of happiness!

If someone from afar hears me honk loudly, they know there’s an asphalt cowboy there.

Bruto doesn’t talk, brute does!

Stop being a pawn, stop listening to modão, my guitar, I won’t let it!

For every rough cowboy, there’s a good cowgirl with a bow.

Let go of my hat to use gel, my God, I won’t let you!

Cowboy is not indomitable, he is fierce.

Don’t let ties cut your dreams in half. Don’t let go of the reins that God keeps you in the harness.

Cowboy quotes for photos

Your beautiful and stylish photos deserve to be posted with a caption that expresses who you are. Check out our cowboy quotes for photos and share!

Every scar we have is confirmation that the wound heals. Scars are marks of overcoming that only a true cowboy possesses.

If the world ends in a ravine, I’ll die leaning against it. If I end up in beer I’ll die drunk. And if it ends with a woman, it ends today because I’m in love.

Kiss on the mouth, yes! Make it delicious, you can! And fall in love?

If I was born a cowgirl, I’ll take advantage. Since in this world no one has a chance, I just want to make fun.

I’m a country woman and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Hello world!

Here the system is crude, rustic and systematic!

I’m not a hero, I’m vaccinated, I’m an outlaw cowboy.

Whoever was made fun of a lot has now become a hero. Previously called a hillbilly, now called a cowboy!

Today the house falls! The wife leaves her husband, the daughter bosses her father, all this to travel with “us” cowboys, without knowing where they are going.

Who said that brutes don’t chase?

A cowboy who is a cowboy is passionate about country music. So, check out our selection of country quotes and sing, dance, love and suffer for love!

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