40 cold messages for those who are tired of being disappointed

The coldness of a person is most often a consequence of hurt, indifference, ingratitude and disappointment suffered. However, we must know that being cold is a lone and sad path.

Therefore, we list citations of coldness that will help you express your feelings, realize that not everyone will disappoint you and thus warm that cold heart!

Coolness and disappointment quotes

Find in this category various citations of coldness and disappointment that will demonstrate how some sufferings are able to make hearts hot in real icebergs. Check it out!

Disappointment generates coldness.

Everyone says she is cold, but don’t know how many times she has been hot and burned.

I am very well with my “heart of ice”. You can say whatever you want, but I like to be like that. I avoid further disappointments and I do not give myself to false feelings.

coldness is the daughter of discipline with disappointment.

She is neither cold nor vindictive, she just tired of being deluded by kids who pretended to be real men.

Behind all coldness, there is someone who has cared too much.

I’m not cold, I’m just protecting myself from the bad things that have already hurt me. Anyone who has gone through a disappointment knows the fear of going through it again.

CAUTION. Some hot mouths hide cold hearts.

Once hurt, twice as cold.

I loved you as I never loved in this life and from the end of this love was a woman so cold that even for yourself I could feel the love I felt one day.

Quotes of coldness and sadness

Unfortunately sadness can become cold and thus remove many good feelings from your life. Therefore, we have selected several quotes that will show you the danger of these feelings when combined!

Nothing is as sad as the coldness of a broken heart.

The pain of a love is a fertile solo watered with sadness, whose fruit is coldness.

Be very careful with sadness, as it may be taking you to the path of coldness.

The coldness and indifference of the human being kills love.

The coldness I show is just part of the sadness I feel.

better the coldness in the soul than the sadness that takes off its calm.

To support sadness many are cold.

Feelings are complicated and my coldness is stronger than myself.

sad is not to feel anything.

Don’t let sadness freeze your heart.

Frieza Quotes in Friendship

Friendship and coldness do not match, this is because to be a friend is necessary a lot of reciprocity, affection and affection. These factors are opposite to coldness!

There must never be coldness among good friends!

Today I know that it is not the distance that separates people, but the coldness, the lack of dialogue, the lack of attention, the indifference, the so much. This yes forms abysses between people.

Don’t give up on me, please. Behind so much coldness and indecision there is an insecure person who needs company. Even not looking.

Friendship is our greatest treasure, don’t let coldness spoil something so beautiful.

Silence is the greatest demonstration of insensitivity, cowardice and coldness in relation to the feeling and suffering of others.

Dear friend, if I don’t look for you anymore, know that I learned from you.

In friendship there is no room for feelings like envy or indifference.

Before you complain about the other’s coldness and lack of interest, make sure it is not just a reflection of your behavior.

The world will still end up in their individualism and freeze in the coldness of the people who live here. I’m trying not to be one of them. Not here, in this world.

Having a friend indifferent to your pain and feelings is as bad as having numerous enemies.

Coolness quotes for status

Looking for a status that can demonstrate exactly what you think about coldness? Found the right category! Next we have selected various quotes that, in addition to updating your status, will still leave it with your personality.

coldness in speech does not match the heat of a heart.

The heat is so much that if someone treats me coldly I thank you.

wanted to be cold with me … Soon I, I’m winter itself!

Be careful that your coldness does not become a mirror turned to yourself.

Don’t be infected by people’s coldness.

You hurt her with her coldness and she did you well with love and attention.

It’s not cold, it’s fear of clinging on. It’s not proud, it’s fear of getting hurt.

Behind each cold person there is a story that no one knows.

Keep your coldness only for the people who deserve it.

I don’t like the cold, or cold people.

We all suffer disappointments, but the way we react to them is what differentiates us! So also check out our selection of hurt heart quotes and find the strength to overcome this disappointment and rise.

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