40 breakup quotes to get over the end of a relationship | messages, wishes and quotes

When we get into a relationship, we hope it’s forever. Unfortunately, it’s not always like this and when it ends, the pain is very great. We need to relearn how to live alone. Check out our selection of breakup quotes and see how to keep the good part in your heart and get over what ended! Share and open up to be happy again.

Straight to the point:

Separation quotes for husband

A relationship as long as marriage can come to an end, but complicity continues to exist. If you are going through this phase, see our quotes below and show your ex-husband that you are okay with each other!

Our love is over, but the affection for everything we experienced remains. I hope we can find happiness again!

I know you’ve changed, I’ve changed too. Therefore, I believe that now is the end of our story!

It’s been difficult to exclude you from my life and my heart.

A separation is always sad and ours would be no different. I will always carry you in my heart with great affection.

We were happy during the years of our relationship. But now we are no longer and the best thing is to go our separate ways.

If I imagined that today I would be here alone suffering because of our love that didn’t work out, I would never have tried. I suffer greatly from your absence.

In everything I see a little of you. Just time to leave good memories behind.

With our separation, we both lost a lot. I lost because you were the person I loved most in my life. You lost because I was the person who loved you most in your entire life.

After so many years of love and togetherness, we felt that something between us had changed. We fell into a routine and our love ended. May we find happiness on our separate paths.

Telling you goodbye is one of the saddest things I’ve ever done. But it is necessary because it no longer makes sense for us to be one!

Separation and overcoming quotes

When a relationship ends and there is no turning back, we need to keep the good moments in our hearts and follow our path to forget. See how to get over the breakup with our quotes below:

The disappointments made me lift my head and understand that I deserve much more!

To keep in your heart: You are strong and you will overcome this separation!

Life needs to move on and it may take time, but overcoming is not a choice, it is an obligation.

Little by little we leave behind what happened and overcome the pain of absence.

It’s difficult and I can’t get over our separation, it hurts me to pass you on the street and not hold your hand.

Separation is always painful, leaving behind or allowing those we love to follow requires strength and courage. But I will overcome, I know I will!

When a relationship no longer completes you, the best thing to do is leave it behind and move on with your life.

Deep down, I will never truly get over you, because I couldn’t forget our love. But I’ll learn to live without you.

With so many people around me who love me, do you think I will accept half-hearted love? I’m over it!

Overcoming is also understanding that we are enough on our own.

Relationship breakup quotes

Relationships come to an end and, in some cases, this is the best resolution for both. Check out our breakup quotes below and start putting together the pieces of your heart!

Our love is over and the best thing to do is to go our separate ways.

Separation is something that should never exist. Only those who know the value of a smile can value the price of a tear.

I loved for me, I loved for you, and I loved for both of us.

It’s not always because of a lack of feeling that we close the door to our hearts.

I let you go, but my heart continues to love you. I wouldn’t wish this pain on my worst enemy.

There were so many jokes, so many conversations, so many laughs and look now, we don’t even talk anymore.

Nothing lasts forever. And so it is with relationships. They end, they empty themselves.

I can’t forget the taste of your kiss, nor the smell of your body next to mine. It’s going to be hard to take you away from me!

All I have left is the pain of memories, of memories that I can’t erase from my heart. How I would like to forget you!

I cry as I relive our memories in my heart.

Amicable separation quotes

Not all relationships end badly. There are those who realize that love has turned into friendship. See our quotes and tell your ex partner that he is still special!

I think it’s amazing how much more we love each other as friends. Our relationship got much better after it ended!

We were accomplices for so long and just because the relationship ended doesn’t mean the friendship will fall apart. You continue to hold a special place in my heart.

I thought that after the divorce we could no longer have a friendship and, luckily, our son proved us wrong.

I’m glad we got out of an unhappy relationship and saw open doors for a great friendship!

We were friends before and that won’t change now. We will remain present in each other’s lives.

Thank you for finding in me the opportunity to be your wife and now to be your friend.

Love is a deep feeling that, even after falling in love, remains in the heart.

There is nothing wrong with deciding to be happy alone. It would be wrong if we stopped enjoying each other’s company for no reason.

Love can also transform, in the same way that my love is transforming for you. Once lovers and now friends!

I never imagined we would have an ending to our story. Our love ended, but our friendship grew and strengthened.

Some cycles come to an end to bring new and better things! Keep healing your heart after a breakup with these broken heart quotes that work towards healing!

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