40 1st birthday messages for baby celebrating small steps

Child is synonymous with joy. When she comes to her life, it’s like everything about the power of love. How can someone so small contain all this vitality? And to celebrate growth and new age, check out beautiful 1 year birthday quotes for you to congratulate you with love. Check it out!

1 year birthday quotes for baby who demonstrates all your love

365 days that our life has changed completely after the arrival of my biggest dream: our baby!

a beautiful pregnancy and today completes its first year of life. Happiness that doesn’t fit me!

When a child arrives there is the fear of not knowing how to deal with all the situations that we are put to the test. 1 year of constant joy!

My child completes 1 year of life today. Thank you for all the happiness you give me!

so small, so mine, so ours! 1 year of life of the love of my life: my baby!

365 days ago I have so many questions without answers, but many joys that the reason is you!

Today is the 1 year anniversary of the most beautiful and cute baby in the world!

1 year that love only increases and joy is immense. Congratulations to the most beautiful baby!

I can only thank God for putting you in my life. 1 year of unconditional love, congratulations, my baby!

It’s been a year since your smile is my best medicine. Congratulations, my baby!

You are my safe haven. Today it’s been a year of your birth. 1 year that everything is magical!

I wonder how there can be such a big feeling in such a short time … Today my baby makes 1 year!

My baby brings me joy, light and vitality. 1 year of the best event!

It’s been a 1 year since I got the best gift, the one who came to change my whole life.

1 year I die of love and keep living! Congratulations, my most beautiful baby!

From the first day I saw you already knew that nothing would be like before. You teach me every day, my baby. Congratulations and happy 1 year!

It’s been 1 year since I got a companion for my life. A year I believe in love! Long live you, child!

The infinity that can fit in 1 year of life of a person who is so physically small, but is very big in my heart! Congratulations, my baby!

May every light of the world always follow you. This is just your first year, my son!

I lack words to express all my love for you, so I smile, so you understand me! Happy 1 year, my baby!

My other part is you, my beautiful child. Happy for your day. This is just the first year of many …

1 year I wonder if I deserve so much … LOVE WITHOUT YOU, MY BABY! Congratulations on your day!

My little angel celebrates its 1 year here on Earth, by my side. Thank you for teaching me so much!

You are still too small to understand the size of my love, but never forget that I will always be by your side! Long live your 1 year of life!

Today it is exactly a year since I first caught you in my arms. Happy 1 year !!!

1 year of health and blessings. Cheers that adds every day, my beautiful baby!

Today my gift is 1 year old. How much we’ve been through here, right? I can only love you without limits!

A Legion celebrates you on this day of your 1st year of life. Thank you for adding so much, my baby!

I am very happy to participate in your first life of life. Congratulations!

The birthday is yours, but the gift is totally mine! Long live your 1 year !!!

I pray every day for all the paths you will go through. Today you are 1 year of many!

I passed to send a more victorious child kiss in the world. Congratulations on the 1st year!

An entire life ahead for you to conquer. Happy 1 year anniversary!

I wish a life full of adventures and victories. Congratulations on your 1 year!

Today we celebrate 1 year of life of my little baby who is growing so quickly. Much love and light on your way!

1 year ago God gave the best gift I could have received. Congratulations, my beautiful baby!

Time goes so fast, it seems yesterday that I listened to you crying at birth. Happy 1 year, my baby!

Today we celebrate your first birthday. Congratulations to this beautiful baby!

I remember as if it were yesterday, when you were born, it’s been 1 year and my love only increases.

May the dad of heaven continue to bless you strongly. Happy 1 year of life!

Celebrating one’s first year of life is rewarding. Time goes by so fast and to record all the growth with a lot of love, also check out quotes for baby photo!

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