35 song messages from mother to daughter that reflect this love

A mother’s love for her daughter is bigger than anything. It is strong, intense, sincere, true and unconditional. The songs are able to portray this feeling with striking lyrics. To tell your girl how special she is to you, check out the best music quotes from mother to daughter. Share the one that describes your relationship the most!

Mother quotes from mother to daughter who say how special she is to you

I promise to be your safe haven forever.

Growing up, it was gaining space. He jumped from my arm. Was born another day, already wants to go to the floor.

It’s like I had waited for a lifetime to pack.

I remember when you arrived in this world, smiling gradually when you heard my voice.

And beautiful things are more beautiful when you are, where you are, today you are, in things so much more beautiful.

When you were born, the angels sighed enchanted. They never thought they would have such a beautiful view.

I only know how much love I kept not knowing it was just for you!

You breathed and the world was right again.

You are like this, a dream for me…

That you are the most beautiful being, that I was lucky to know!

There’s a penguin of people running in the room, with a banguelo smile … I don’t want anything else.

In the eyes of the Father, you are a masterpiece he planned!

two hearts made, one that is worth more than two or three.

is not adorable? Isn’t she wonderful? Isn’t she precious?

We were heavenly blessed. I do not believe what God did through us … He gave life to someone.

It is about knowing that somewhere someone watches over you.

In my heart, you will forever be.

You don’t even know when it comes, and you already have love for life.

In my heart, I made a home. My heart is your home.

a pet is made in the sun in the morning, wool ball, in the womb of the mother.

If I didn’t love you that much, I might lose dreams inside me and live in the darkness.

I will be your defender for a lifetime, like your guardian.

For the first time the doctor put you in my arms, I knew it would die before some harm happened to you.

I dedicate myself to you, as I will always do.

I don’t know if the world is good, but it has been better since you arrived.

You gave me the strength to stand again and face the world on my own again. You raised me to such a loud pedestal that I could almost contemplate eternity. You needed me.

I believe a light shines on you, and it will shine forever … and I will never let you have a good dream in your head. I will see you shine, I will see you grow.

You are more than I know, it is more than I thought, it is more than expected…

I know I will love you for all my life.

The best part of me takes my way to you. This is what makes me stronger, makes me so well.

The most precious gift I got from God, my morning star.

You revealed a world for me, without you, I could never live in such happiness, your gift of purity.

An angel from the sky that brought to me is the most beautiful, the perfect jewel.

A gift formed by the hands of God. A fruit of love between your father and me. The rare jewel that daddy from heaven gave me.

Flower that blooms every morning, a source of love that is endless.

She will always know that you love her and can count on you. To further praise your girl, check out quotes for beautiful daughter and value everything wonderful she has and is.

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