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The love for our mothers is so great that we are not always able to express all of this feeling. Gratitude may be the best word to define this relationship, but there are other words that encompass everything we feel. Thinking about this immense love, we selected 35 beautiful quotes for mothers that will help you in this task of showing how great your affection is for your queen. Check it out!

Beautiful quotes for mother that will make the most special woman in the world happy

Everything I am, or intend to be, I owe to an angel: my mother.

A love stronger than anything, more obstinate than anything, more lasting than anything, only a mother’s love.

I was raised by a warrior. I learned not to suffer for love, I learned to deal with illusion and also to deal with pain.

Not every queen wears a crown… My mother is an example of this.

I can try to do everything I can to repay you for what you did for me, but I know I’ll never come close.

I learned that they haven’t invented anything better than a mother’s lap since the world is a world.

Mother: principle of everything and synonymous with love.

Mother is poetry, tones, pauses, lyrics… Owner of a love that is recycled and is never wasted.

I believe in love at first sight. I’ve loved my mother since I opened my eyes!

Mom, my love, my queen, my life, my everything!

Mom, you are the only person in the world who is always there unconditionally.

Belly mother or lifelong mother, lifelong mother or chosen one… Types change, but love doesn’t.

Mother: small word, but with infinite meaning.

You gave me life and today you are the one who gives me reasons to live. I love you.

I am happy to have your blood running through my veins and my name in yours.

A mother even understands what her children don’t say.

Mother is not the one who gives life, but the one who guides and loves unconditionally throughout this life.

Your lap is my protection, your life my inspiration and your love my guidance. I love you, mom!

My mother taught me everything except how to live without her.

If I could make one request in my entire life, I would ask that you be eternal!

Mother: term used to designate a heart capable of infinite love.

Mom: my eternal love.

You ennoble my life, you are my example, my eternal love. Blessed be always, my mother.

Being a mother means loving without borders, through instinct and living intensely for your much-loved child.

Mom, you are my companion, advisor, friend, a unique example of love.

God couldn’t be everywhere at once, so he created mothers.

Mom, you don’t bow down to difficulties, but you overcome them. Your love delights me, your strength makes me proud and I am truly privileged to have you in my life.

Your lap is sublime comfort and your heart is a source of unconditional love, mother.

You know my dreams. You hear my hopes. You feel my problems. You are unique, mom.

No influence is as powerful as that of a mother.

A mother’s love is the highest form of altruism.

The future mother’s womb is a special cradle where lifelong love is born.

Being a mother is the most responsible mission. It’s loving more completely. It’s about giving your best.

Being a mother means having your heart beating outside your own chest!

Mom, if I could, I would give you a truckload of flowers of all colors, the entire sky and the sea… Because I love loving you.

Did you see how many beautiful quotes? Choose the one that moved you the most and find a way to send it to your mother. It’s worth a message on WhatsApp, a handwritten note… Let your imagination go and surprise this incredible woman!

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