30 messages from Oxalá who created everything and who will bless you with his light

Oxalá is considered the largest of the orishas, ​​the father of all. It was he who prepared this world with his white protective cloak and his light that drives away the darkness. Through faith, he brings peace to those who believe in his power. So, say you are a child of Him and ask for your blessings with the best quotes from Oxalá!

Oxalá Quotes which is the orisha of life

Oxalá illuminate my steps and don’t let me lose me as I walk.

The bright sky of Oxalá will illuminate my heart at all times.

Oxalá, how much I love you is not written. May your power and light rule me!

There is nothing bigger in this world than Oxalá. The Father is big and powerful!

I am the son of Oxalá and was born of his light. He blessed me with his staff and will always guide my steps.

My Father, Oxalá, great is your power! Give me strength and have compassion on me.

Oxalá remove the thorns from your heart and cover you with your white protective cloak.

The light that comes from Oxalá will illuminate me and bless me, I’m sure of your power.

Father Oxalá, covers my spirit with his light and push the enemy darkness out of my way.

I ask for your blessings, my father Oxalá. Give me wisdom and peace to face another day.

calm my heart, Oxalá, and teach me to trust in your power and light that drives away the darkness.

Oxalá bless us, give us peace and use your light to make us see things clearly.

Do not move with him, he is governed by the orishas, ​​Oxalá illuminates his steps and protects him in everything he does.

Faced with afflictions, Father Oxalá teaches me to have patience and to trust that he will give me the best answer to my problems.

I am from Oxalá, I am of Light, I am of peace and love.

I am the son of Oxalá and whatever is mine, he will give me. Whatever it is, it will take away.

In all questions, Oxalá will give you the answer. Trust what he has to say.

Father Oxalá, strengthen my faith and make sense of my life. May your light teach me where to go!

That I do not feel unpaired or forgotten, because Oxalá never leaves your children.

I’m sure Oxalá will illuminate me with your light and give me strength not to give up my plans.

All faith on our planet comes from Oxalá, which is our light, our strength and our peace.

let it be an illuminated day by Oxalá, blessed by its power and full of its strength.

Cover us with his white cloak, Father Oxalá, and give us the certainty of his peace to calm our hearts.

In the faith of Oxalá, today it will be a great day. Your cloak will bring us peace and your staff will give us strength.

May the peace of Oxalá never abandon us.

With your slow step, Oxalá teaches us to be patient, but confident in your love.

My Father Oxalá, great king, come protect us and bless us!

Oxalá protects me, strengthens me, illuminates me and teaches me to have patience. He is my everything, my orientation!

The peace that Oxalá brings me makes me hopeful and even more confident in your power.

Oxalá is the king who created everything. He is powerful, it is light, it is peace and covers us with its white cloak of protection.

Oxalá will illuminate your steps, just have faith in your power. And to continue to fill with protection, check out orisha quotes and strengthen your axé!

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