30 messages from an owl grandmother for those who love being close to their grandchildren

grandchildren are the joy of grandparents, for they carry generous doses of love, affection and happiness. Demonstrating how grateful you are for the life of your grandchildren is something wonderful and deserves to be done daily, so read our quotes of grandma owl and declare all your love for those who make your life much better!

GRANDMA OWL CITITES TO Pamper the Netinhos

I’m a declared, assumed and completely passionate grandma!

There is a little person who stole my heart, cheered my days and calls me grandma.

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandson arrives.

Nobody does for grandchildren what grandparents do: they sprinkle a kind of stars powder over their lives.

Grandma loves, cares, protects and spoil. I love to be grandma!

When grandchildren enter our house, the discipline flies out the window.

If being an owl grandmother is to love the grandchildren infinitely, I am the most owl in the world!

grandchildren are a reward of God.

My beloved grandson, a hug from you is more efficient than any medicine!

grandson is a vitamin that invigorates and gives strength to continue to live.

How cheap are the grandchildren! I give them my coins and they give me millions of dollars of joy.

I love my grandchildren so much. I’m a blessed grandmother!

It is in my grandson’s smile that I find real happiness!

my grandson is my life!

I thank God every day for allowing me to see my grandchildren grow healthy and happy.

The greatest happiness of my life was to know it would be grandmother!

grandchildren are the dessert of life.

I’m completely in love with my grandchildren and I know this love is reciprocal!

My dear grandchildren, you renew my hope daily!

grandchildren are our lives, our passions and our greatest gifts.

I’m the happiest grandma in the world when I’m with my grandchildren!

grandchildren are the riches of grandparents’ lives.

Know that in my house you will always have a special little place, my dear grandson!

I am proud to be a grandmother, after all, that means that I have by my side the best grandson of all!

To be a grandmother is to be a child again.

My grandchildren will always be my priority, my reason, my happiness and my greatest loves.

If I were a guardian angel, I would live to keep you, but as I am human, I live to love you, my beautiful grandson!

Every time I remember my grandson my eyes fill with tears with happiness and pride!

I just have to thank, because you are one of the most precious and important gifts in my life! Grandma loves you!

The love of a grandmother for her grandchildren is unimaginable and incalculable.

grandparents are extremely important in the life of their grandchildren! So, to understand more about this unique relationship, read our quotes about grandparents and honor those who have always been present in your life!

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