30 messages from 13 years of marriage to celebrate the strength of the linen wedding

It’s been 13 years since you said yes. In linen wedding, it is interesting to reaffirm the ties that made them stronger, more mature and closer. With this feeling in mind, celebrate the happiness gained daily with these quotes of 13 in the marriage. Check it out and surprise the love of your life with a beautiful statement!

13 years of marriage who thank you for a life full of happiness

I don’t know who I am without you and I don’t even want to find out! Thank you for 13 years of love, learning and achievements.

It’s 13 years building a relationship and writing a love story of our way, without interference. Congratulations to us!

We embarked on the wedding adventure for 13 years and it has been much better than we expected. Happy wedding anniversary for us!

Just like linen, our marriage is resistant without losing lightness, it is strong without losing beauty. Happy 13 years of marriage to us!

has been spent 13 years of the happiest day of our lives. Everything has changed from the moment we accept and choose. Congratulations to us!

Our love has no secrets, you know all of us and throw away our fears. Happy linen weddings!

Your smile illuminates my world and has been like this since I met you. Thank you for 13 years happy, full of peace and much love!

Number 13 is my lucky number and I know this will also be our happiest year here. Congratulations to us for the linen wedding!

Our marriage is a prayer answer and I am grateful to God for being so good. May we be happy and always love ourselves more. Happy linen weddings!

You illuminate my life, light the flame of passion in my heart and make me believe that happiness is eternal. Happy linen weddings!

13 years have passed a wonderful life, worthy of a romance movie. I keep promising to make you happy every morning, afternoons and nights!

You are every sentence, you are every word, you are everything! Happy 13 years of marriage!

For 13 years we have come together and have been blessed by God. He was the one who led us at this time and I am grateful for everything he gave us!

After 13 years of marriage, our relationship strengthened like a linen fabric. We are intertwined and even more partners. Congratulations to us!

I found in you the best mate to spend my days, share my fears, dream my dreams and build my family. Happy linen weddings, my love!

In our linen wedding, I want to remember how strong, faithful and we struggled side by side in all these years. You are the best partner that exists!

Our linen wedding show how much accomplices were in those 13 years. Our marriage is mature and full of happiness. I love you!

This is our 13th wedding anniversary and I want to say that time has passed fast, but we knew how to enjoy it at that time. I love you!

You are in all my thoughts and my most beautiful memories. You made these 13 years be unforgettable!

If I hadn’t found you, I swear I was looking for you again. Happy 13 years of marriage!

The years made us more passionate and more companions. I want to grow old by your side, my love. Happy linen weddings!

We have gone through so many things in this life and many will still come. I just want to stay by your side forever. Happy linen weddings!

It was love before it was, it was yours before yes. It was us before I could choose. Happy linen weddings!

We started so young and full of dreams. Today we get older, but we still have a lot of plans. Happy 13 years of marriage!

When I look at you, I confirm my certainty that I am with the right person, the love of my life. Happy linen weddings for us!

You remain the owner of beauty that disassembles me and makes me delirious. How do I love to love you! Happy linen weddings!

I haven’t loved you like 13 years ago, I love you even more, with more maturity, admiration and passion. Congratulations to us!

I want to continue to be your choice and continue to have you beside me. Thanks for these wonderful 13 years of marriage!

If I didn’t love you that much, I might not see flowers where I saw, inside my heart. Happy linen weddings!

You complete me, drive me, inspire me and support me. You make me better every day for 13 years. I want to love you forever!

13 years is a life next to the person you love and make you increasingly full of joy. Celebrate this light relationship with these happy marriage quotes and declare how good it is to share the days with your love.

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