30 messages about intuition that show the power of this sixth sense

Intuition is a form of knowledge that exists within all of us throughout life and experiences. Although not everyone believes, most people trust this feeling firmly and use it to make important decisions or simply lead life. If you believe just like us, check out the best quotes on intuition and have the courage to follow yours!

Quotes on intuition to listen to it without fear of risking

Intuition is the truest energy, for it is what your spirit is feeling.

Follow your intuition. She knows the way.

Your intuition knows what you really want, have the courage to follow it.

Trust your intuition, usually your spells are based on facts filed at the subconscious level.

My intuition may not always be right, but I know she always wants the best for me.

Here comes life and rubs in your face what intuition tried to warn.

Intuition exists in all of us, many, but do not perceive their presence.

Believe first in your intuition, she has always been there, not suffocating her.

Intuition is the testimony of the purified heart that has become silent.

Believe in your intuition, she knows you better than anyone.

If you think with the heads of others, you lose your own intuition.

Intuition is the whisper of your soul. Find your ears.

Your intuition is your GPS, don’t be lost!

Never doubt your intuition. If something inside you say something is not right, trust it.

Not everyone believes in intuition, but I know that within me there is a force in which I can always trust.

When you have an intuition and you don’t hear it, always regret it! Believe in your eyes and trust your instincts.

There is a business called “female intuition” that surpasses any FBI agent.

Follow your intuition instead of confirming in the opinion of others!

Intuition is a whisper of the universe! So, silence your mind to listen!

Sometimes our intuition is the only one able to discern what the eyes cannot see.

Intuition is God speaking softly in the ear.

Intuition is antivirus warning the heart that it can be another Trojan horse.

Intuition is to remember what I actually know.

Never contradict your intuition: She always knows who you should approach or not.

I know my intuition is strong, for I carry within me what is most valuable to me: the love of God.

A strong intuition is worth more than a thousand evidence.

Dear Intuition: You were right.

Never doubt female intuition: we cannot explain how, but it exists and hits!

Intuition is amazing, you feel something and soon after comes confirmation of what you already knew.

Believe first in your intuition. She has always been there to protect her: don’t suffocate her, use it!

believing in ourselves is another great ally, capable of strengthening us in the face of any adversity that arises. Also check out our self -confidence quotes and never doubt you!

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