30 good night quotes for your crush to sleep thinking about you | messages, wishes and quotes

When you have your eye on someone, any time is a good time to send a hint and show your interest. So, take advantage of the hours before bed to send your message to your crush. Check out the best good night pick-up lines that reveal your true intentions and share them with those who deserve the chance to sleep with you!

Good night pick-up lines to invite someone special to sleep in your bed

All I needed to sleep well was to have you here by my side!

My bed is great for sleeping, but even better for doing other things… with someone.

Sweet dreams, because “Good Night” is only sleeping with me.

My favorite place to sleep is in your embrace!

Instead of wishing you a good night, I wish you don’t sleep well so you miss me and realize that it’s better to sleep with me!

I don’t want to sleep because I’m going to dream about you and all I’d like to do is sleep with you!

To sleep, I need a kiss from you!

My bed is too big to sleep alone, why don’t you come and keep me company?

If you come here, I promise the bed will be warm and waiting for you!

I’m falling asleep, but I could be falling asleep to you!

In my dreams, we are already together. When are we going to make this a reality?

When the night arrives, the desire to have you around becomes even greater. Can you grant my wish and satisfy this desire?

I’d like to say good night, but I’m longing for you!

Good evening! For me to sleep well, I need your kiss, your smell and your affection!

Good evening! We meet in your dreams!

The cure for my insomnia is sleeping close to you!

If you come here, let’s do everything but sleep!

I want you to sleep with God, but I really want you to come sleep here with me!

I’m in my bed and you’re in yours. One of us is in the wrong place!

It’s a crime for a bed this big to be so empty. She was the one who told me she needed you here!

Good night, sleep with angels and then tell me how I look with wings.

All I would like is for you to come here and leave your scent on my pillow!

Good night kisses or a night of good kisses?

Here at home there’s air conditioning, if you want to sleep well, you’ll have to come over here and give me a kiss! Let’s regulate the temperature together.

I would like to say good night live, in color and with the taste of my kisses!

I’m going to sleep, but I really wanted to go to your house!

Don’t wish me good night. Come here and make her good to me!

I only sleep with affection and apparently it has to be yours!

Talking to you before bed only makes me want to have you more!

Good night and stay well, but if you want to get better, come stay with me!

Now that you’ve shown your interest, just wait for your crush to respond! Continue the game of seduction with bold quotes to win over that will leave you melting!

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