30 golden wedding messages to celebrate 50 years of love

Completing 50 years of marriage is not for anyone. Golden wedding represent a true, faithful love that has resisted time and any difficulty. They are stories, dreams and a lot of shared love over all these years. Check out our selection with the best gold wedding quotes and send that special message to those you love so much!

Golden wedding quotes that show that true love still exists

50 years have passed since our yes and to this day I know this was the best decision of my life. Happy gold wedding for us!

Our hands got more wrinkled, our hair is white and our love has also changed, because it grew and matured. Long live our 50 years of marriage!

Congratulations for the 50 years of marriage! May your love last as much as time allows it, for for those who love, time is eternal.

50 years go by fast when love is the foundation of a home. Congratulations on the golden wedding!

Today is a party day! 50 years of much love and companionship!

With you, I built my best memories and, with you, I want to continue for the rest of my days. Happy 50 years for us!

Today I have been love for my life for my life for 50 years. Thank you for all the love, affection and complicity. Congratulations to us!

Seeing a couple who has been next to so long and so partner renews my hope in love. Congratulations for the 50 years of marriage!

Congratulations for the 50 years of marriage! It is with enormous joy that we celebrate this union that resisted the difficulties of life and began to demonstrate that what is worth possessing, is worth all the effort and love in cultivar.

50 years of marriage. 18,262 days, 438,288 hours, 26,277,280 minutes. A life full of love. Congratulations!

The secret of our 50 years of marriage is in the union and companionship we have always had. May many other years come together! Happy gold wedding!

Ties of understanding, tenderness and loyalty. Perfect union and a world of happiness as companions forever together. Congratulations on our golden wedding!

Marriage is a daily confirmation of love and companionship. Today we turned 50 and I know it was worth it. Happy gold wedding!

Today is a day of looking back with pride and happiness. After all, it was 50 years of love. Happy gold wedding, couple!

After 50 years together I only ask for so many others of love and happiness by your side. Congratulations on our golden wedding!

That besides the birthdays and through the ever, let us be forever happy. Happy 50 years of marriage!

A lifetime next to the person I love the most and want more and more. Happy 50 years of marriage, my love!

As well as the resistance of gold, our love was strong at time, challenges and achievements. May our golden wedding extend for a lifetime!

In these 50 years of marriage, we realize that life is worth it when we have someone to share it.

The years go by, they take away their youth, but give us the perpetuity of love. Our votes for another 50! Cheers!

It was not always easy, many face many obstacles and difficulties, but we never drop our hands. May these 50 years of marriage continue to be united as always! Happy weddings from another, love!

Completing 50 years of marriage is proof that with patience, love and dedication, everything can work out. Happy gold wedding!

Happy gold wedding! Our union has been blessed by the Lord and that it always continues! I want for us a lot of health, because the rest, as always, we run after!

Today we are celebrating our 50 years of marriage. There are 50 years of fights, difficulties, but also of much love, complicity and companionship.

gold wedding is not for anyone, only for those who allowed love to prevail. Congratulations, couple!

fifty years of a happy union passed, sir. We thank you for keeping us together today under your protection.

That the wisdom gained over the years is just an incentive for the achievements and victories desired in the future. Congratulations on our golden wedding!

May the life that accompanied them to this special day be a carrier of peace and love to continue to live intensely.

Sharing a life together is to choose love every day. May this feeling last forever in our walk. Happy 50 years of marriage for us, my love!

For 50 years you built your own happiness together and taught us that love overcomes all boundaries.

A lasting relationship like this is the result of much love, companionship and fidelity. Also check out our happy wedding quotes and share your love with who is special!

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