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Whoever is a fisherman can’t wait for the time to pass, he dedicates himself with all his heart and, in the end, his meal and his livelihood are guaranteed. Furthermore, whether you fish in your spare time or work in it, you can relax. If you like staying by the river, check out our fisherman quotes to share with your fishing friends!

Fisher quotes for those who are passionate about fishing

Fishermen live less… stressed.

Fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm is terrible, but that doesn’t stop them from launching.

Our dreams are like fish, we have to know how to catch them.

Fishing, calm, my friends and beer… What else is left?

Fishing is like love, when you least expect it, it hits you.

Fishing is my passion, my livelihood and my lifestyle.

Are you nervous? Go fishing! A cool head puts things in place.

There’s no point crying over spilled windlass.

My weekly therapy: fishing.

Fishing is not just about catching fish, it also provides moments that make us forget our problems.

Fishing is patience.

Contemplating the waters, being patient while waiting, knowing the exact moment to pull the hook: this is my true meditation.

Always fish, maybe catch the fish and never give up.

Telling stories is a fisherman’s greatest gift.

Fishing requires patience and is a free sample of how we should live our lives.

A good river is what we don’t know about the fish it has.

The professional fisherman knows all the tricks for good fishing: he knows the breeding season of the fish species in his region.

To complete my joy, I like fishing.

A bad day of fishing is better than a great day at work.

Sunday is fishing day.

The fisherman can care for and understand nature.

All men are created equal, but only the best become fishermen.

Fishing makes our lives easier.

I went in search of happiness and ended up in the river with the fishing rod.

Fishermen are not just good at stories. He knows nature, understands the sea, knows how to look at the moon and perceive the tide that will come.

Fishing is patience. Not catching is natural. He fished and didn’t catch a fish, it’s the fisherman who fishes badly.

We wait for love, like a fisherman waits for his fish or a devotee waits for his miracle: in silence, without losing patience with the delay.

It is in the calm of the waters that the true peace of a day of fishing lies.

Fishing is much more than catching fish. It is a time when we can return to the beautiful simplicity of our ancestors.

Give a man a fish and he will eat it. Teach him to fish and he’ll sit on the boat drinking beer all day.

It doesn’t matter if your hobby is fishing, sports or crafts, what we can’t help but relax. So, check out our lightness quotes so you can rest assured!

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