30 donation messages to reflect on this act of solidarity

Acts of love of neighbor and solidarity can change and save many lives. Empathy is the watchword if we want to build a fairer and happy world. How about starting with these donation quotes? Read and share with all your contacts! Maybe more hearts are touched and with that desire to do good.

Donation and Love Quotes

Let your heart overflow with affection and affection with these beautiful quotations of donation and love! Enjoy and share and encourage more people to be supportive.

Donation is one of the most beautiful languages ​​of love.

Love is not obtained when you receive it. It is obtained when you give.

When love reaches fullness, generosity emerges, it does not fit itself and donate becomes natural.

Donation is a shared form of love.

Donation is double love: fills the heart of who gives and who receives.

Love grows with donation. The love we give is the only one we maintain. The only way to have love is to offer it to others.

donation need not be just material, it can be spiritual. REZE, DONE MORE LOVE!

If it is not to give love, give nothing. Let God act.

To make love real is to expel you from you so that it can be from someone.

Love never ends, on the contrary, it always multiplies. So how about it?

Blood donation citations

An act of solidarity and love for others can be within your reach! Read these blood donation quotes and make yourself aware of this attitude that saves lives.

With a simple act, you may be the hope of many. Donate blood. Donate Life.

Blood Donation: For those who donate are a few minutes, for those who receive it is a lifetime.

Solidarity runs in your veins. Donate blood!

A superhero does not always use cover. Sometimes he just gives blood!

Donate blood! Make life flow in the veins of those who need it.

Jesus donated his blood to save us. Be a donor too.

You have something inside you that can save a lot of lives. Become a blood donor.

Blood is life! Donate blood to a better world.

We need to remember that every day there are people who need blood transfusion and who depend on the goodwill of donors.

Let life happen, donate blood!

donation citations to others

Everyone needs some kind of donation, be it material, emotional or spiritual. Reflect more on the subject with these great donation quotes to others!

Take goodness and donate it to those who do not know how to donate. Discover love and make it know the world.

Donations must reach so deeply who receives them to the point of causing them astonishment.

To donate, often, is to devote time to others. Listen to it and understand it. These are in these simple acts where true goodness is.

dai and you will see … It’s great for morals … To give others, it is to give yourself credit.

generosity is to give you everything, and still feel like it has cost you nothing.

Donation, when genuine, can save the life of others.

What oppresses the poor insult to its Creator; but honors him who compasses himself from the needy.

We received to the measure of what we donate sincerely and spontaneously.

The world would be a much better place if we hurt what we have in abundance to our next needy.

Do not donate what is left, donate what your heart sends. Your next one doesn’t need crumbs.

Donate is good for the heart and soul! Keep in love with your neighbor with these quotes of solidarity.

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