25 messages from Santa Rita de Cássia that prove that nothing is impossible

Santa Rita de Cassia is an important saint of the Catholic Church. Despite great suffering, her life has been marked by much faith in God and today she is known worldwide as the patron saint of impossible causes and mothers. Learn more about this holiness with our selection of quotes from Santa Rita de Cassia and renew your faith!

Quotes from Santa Rita de Cassia to further strengthen your faith

What is impossible for men is possible to God.

Santa Rita, our lawyer headquarters with Jesus. Pray for us!

Ó, powerful and glorious Saint Rita de Cassia, I interceded with God to give me the grace I need so much.

Love God about all things, because His goodness and beauty are unrivaled.

Given the impossible, we ask the Santa Rita de Cassia.

Ó, powerful and glorious Saint Rita, here is your feet a helpless soul that, in need of help, resorts to the sweet hope of being served by you!

Obstacles are teachings for your spirit.

Santa Rita de Cassia, you use in the difficult and unforeseen case that painfully oppresses my heart. Achieve the grace I wish.

There is nothing impossible for God!

Ó, beloved Jesus! Increases my patience, as I increases my sufferings!

Holy Rita de Cassia, intercede for us with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Santa Rita de Cassia, pray for us and whom we love!

It is never too late to change the direction of your life. There will always be a new route or a new chance of fresh start.

Santa Rita de Cassia, reach us for the solution to the impossible causes of our lives.

Ó, Santa Rita Sagrada, lawyer of the impossible causes. Pray for us!

Only the idea that they can lose their souls, torture my heart and submerge it in a sea of ​​bitterness. You, Lord, know how much I love you.

Ó, Santa Rita, involve my request in your precious merits!

I put all my confidence in you. Pray for us, Santa Rita de Cassia.

Love God on all things, because His goodness and beauty are unparalleled, and only He must deserve your love.

Santa Rita de Cassia, of the impossible cases. Asks God to deliver us from all distress and remove the anxiety that squeezes the heart.

Santa Rita de Cassia of the impossible causes. Lawyer of desperate cases, aids of the last minute. Bless us!

Lord, give me a love that can deliver everything for ever greater love.

Ó Santa Rita, I put all my trust in you. Through you, I hope quietly the grace I ask you.

You were the favorite rose! O, Santa Rita de Jesus. Teach me the life lesson. Suffer, love, taking the cross.

Santa Rita, patron saint of impossible causes, by your merits pray for us with God.

As Saint Rita de Cassia, the saints connect us with our faith and make us closer to God. Also check out our selection of quotes from Santos and share your teachings!

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